The Night in the Mountains/2

…The Valley was full of Various Forms, sometimes i just jump from one Stone to the other and sometimes i just slip down with a smile , i go alltime with the River , around Palms and green Plants,my Backpack ,Sunglasses and Bob Marley, Discovering the Panorama ….Valley and Big Hills and everything in a desert Scenario  …The wheater was still Sunny. The Birds full of Joyfull singing ….

I have think to make a break climbing down the next mini waterfall , i look by a minute on the Stone just looking that some Giant have put him here and take the route up the next hill Top….the earth here become more dry and Stones became very crashy ,i take a sit and open my backpack ….looking around on the Mountains i take the Sardins and the Fanta and Just drink……I look around and Tired ,take a huge air meal…..15726617_2232176350341654_5066100979067451262_n-1



after Five hours i reached the way to the Pirate Village…




Night in de Mountains


Dear Friends ….The Last Day i Discover the Mountains ….Sunday a little Bit Time for Me 😉

The whole week was a working Time ….15697455_2232174330341856_3502588562462442957_n



expedition Day … i decied to see a Pirate Village Hidden between the Rocks ,i start the  Day with a Medition in the Desert 😉

So i start with a Fanta in My Backpack and sardins , with smile and Dancing on the hills…and Yes ….from the Top the distance look smaler:) In this area the air have a brilliant quality and are very Healty. We had here the Last Four Days very Intense Rain

the Whole Desert became Green 15727191_2232174947008461_94320974299098580_n

And so it is with Our Life …..sometimes Desert and Somertimes Green .Sometimes Dry;) But its a Beatifull Landscape…

So i stand on the Top and look at the Finish, in my earphones some Countrymusic about love and live , Sunglasses ,good Feeling and Lets GO :)What is very important to >understand at the Beginning is that the Stones on the Wall are not Stabil so  its very important which  Stone You are using, and i saw that this deccision can decied about Your Life ….Really ….


15740959_2232175543675068_6570046587375042810_nthe Beginning  was very Exiting  and full of Joy ,Sunshine ,Silence …no Wind ….it looks very safety …but its better to have good Shoes and more comfortable Trousers…The Summer here are full of Scorpions,Snakes and Lizards.and a good Hat ,give nice shadow;)Step by step down using the Ways of wildswines. The stones falling ,and sometimes im ….the plants are here very simple and with thorns.. i feel like in the Lord of the Rings….because of the Green Fields…However i very respect full fo the Mountains … i was to pass the first hill but then there was a cliff like 10 meters i decied  first to climb down but i take the First Stone and he fall down …shit ….so i go back and take a route to the next hill.


so after some minutes i arrived on the the next hill,i find here naturally some stones with Yellow plants  , what will mean and mean the Air is like the best Champagna under they Category.Friends so much Silence ,and the sound of Birds … feeling like a Explorer in a Land of no People, lost in my Personal Paradise ,,,,Jumping and taking Risk .I pass some old Stone circles…maybe somebody take them here or maybe there are here because they was here from beginningof the World…it gives a special touch for the Traveling…i go down and i see a next clif 90 Meters….i just asking myself are we climbing down,i really have thought about it , but after i realized that for big climbings You need Professional tools….15741014_2232856243606998_4441596525196331043_n


Step by step in my Mind the scenario of th Life when we must go down from the Top of our  Panorama ,from the overview of Everthing just down to the Valley because a Dream is ending and a new one are just beginning, to understand what is our new Way we must discover the ground of the shadows ,the wetness of stones , the sources ,,,,,,..

life is communication like earth with water, and sun with the leaves , so we communicating with our Dreams with Desires ,,,,,with the Vision of a better life …..






Dear Friends ,im now in a Pharm helping with Horses and other practical Thinks in the Desert 😉

At the Beginning i must say Sorry , because the Last Time i write quite nothing , here we have Little Solar Energy;)and can handle little time for the Computer.

Today i was very toched …because we have here on the Pharm a Falk with a broken wing .(

His Name is Manil….

I like to be with Him , its beautifull to see him from a very near distance;)

So what i think ,is that …we are sometimes like manil we are Tired , full of disrespect for us and forget who we Are…but it is not bad …oh no its are beautifull Part of our life what brings us higher in the Mountains.


But when we have broken Wings …that mean  Love Dreams….we are in the Jail …because we want fly but its impossibile with a broken Wing ….so i looked at Manil and he is full of nervous behaviour because he live now , with Chickens ….so he is really dissapointed ;(

So its Good to Die for Your Dreams….Espacially when its Your Love of Life;)15327401_2217472071812082_3523592237442981744_n


Dont Complain

Never complain ….because when really understand how much you have you will be ashamed ….the Life give You sometimes everything …and You are so blind that you choose all the mud in exchange for the Real Gold….when God give the human a Big Gift he pack it in Big Trouble ! why because you recognize the oposite only when you recognize the Op`posite, everything is a plan full of Love and Dreams ….just be Happy…i dont mean stupid happines …no a happines who is real……no darkness , no witch power , no depresion can have Power over You because its not possibile, its unlogic……Love , beaches,Sky of Hope ….the Great Way to Understand the Tree to the 7 th Gate….and the Third Eye who Recognise the Reality of the Reality , the Power of Real Friends , the Power of Womens Love ….the heart of The Men who Love his Family ….. And when You see nothing be Sure you are very near by The Sun .


On the Desert of this World , your Source of Water of Love …

Never G*ive UP

When all signs on the World Show You That you are looking for nothing …when you search for more but your heart is still and full of Pain….remember its all fake it a lie …oh yes the truth is that you are destinied for the Paradise..and maybe theyre exist bad poeple on the World ,but remember Love is more Powerfull.15095699_2199646126928010_379271940198045568_n1